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Why Ai of the Tiger ? 

Ai Of The Tiger is born from noticing that IoT projects were gaining fantastic traction. However we never felt so much unprepared to this kind of technology. When we had a look of digital communities it stroke us the little interaction there was with an overwhelming content.  

Having struggle few weeks with that. We decided that it was time to create a comprehensive platform that teaches you about IoT no where you are in your technological journey.  

There’s more to that. We have a strong “eat your own food” mindset. We implement what we’re learning in IoT experiments where we create applications for niche markets.  

Meet the Team

The Co-founders

A bit of story here. The three of us met at Microsoft in 2018. Paul-Arthur was specializing within cloud technologies while Juan & Johan belonged to a partner facing role. By the end of 2019, Juan & Johan were made redundant due to budget restrictions. Launching a company felt then as an evidence and Paul-Arthur immediately joined. Ai Of The Tiger first prototype was released in September.  Although, we’re three white male founders: it’s very important for us bring difference within the team. It doesn’t matter the genre, sexuality or nationality #Gleam #Allivesmatter.  On a 9 to 5 basis, all of us remained in Microsoft. Juan and Johan are working in the Azure R&D as Program Managers while Paul Arthur is a Sales Cloud Specialist.  
Our Mission

We’re creating the one-stop shop for IoT.

Content about IoT is everywhere & overwhelming. The struggle to find a  place with everything you need is real. So we just made it

Johan, Juan-Jose, Paul Arthur
founders of AIofthetiger.com
Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

We are powered by passion

Juan Jose Castiblanques

I’m Juan Jose Castiblanques, I work in the Azure Cloud Engineering organization at Microsoft, helping businesses across industries to accelerate advance technology adoption – this is my morning job. In the evening, I transform myself in enthusiast IoT blogger. Bringing up to live beautiful IoT cases that can catch curious learners go with me in this journey. Yes! I am also co-founder of AI Of The Tiger. You’ll find me always around Europe, but closely in Madrid.

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Johan Aussenac

I love building new things - starting from an early-stage prototype and transforming it into something people truly value. I couldn’t believe how much IoT was gaining momentum. I got absorbed on how deep this technology is going to change the world. At Ai Of The Tiger, I write, build some geeky IoT stuffs & partner with companies. Beside of that, I love French hip-hop & travelling around the world. You’ll be likely to catch me around Portugal or South Africa.

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Paul-Arthur Delahaye

I'm Paul-Arthur, I'm a tech enthusiast. My job is to accelerate businesses using technology like the Azure Cloud. IoT is already a technological revolution and is about to change everything. At AI of the Tiger I want to make this technology accessible and comprehensive for anyone willing to boost his or her business. I'm also a travel junkie: I lived in the US, in Asia and Juan-Jose, Johan and I met in Ireland. I love Burritos and I shoot professional photography.

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